Rabu, 01 Oktober 2014

Tabletop Fountain with Three Candles

Tabletop Fountain with Three Candles

Product Description

This exquisite tabletop fountain creates a striking foal point wherever it's placed. Multiple streams of water create a relaxing and meditative atmosphere. Three flickering candles create an inviting ambience.




Several of the reviews mention the lack of sound for this fountain, which I agree, however I discovered while cleaning that inside the main tube, there is a plastic ring/gasket inside the tube feeding the top of the fountain, if you fish it out with wire, the fountain runs with alot more pressure, the ring is meant to restrict the flow I guess?, if the flow is too much you can adjust that with the damper on the pump itself, of course, do at your own risk but I think it makes this good fountain a GREAT fountain that you can hear for sure!!

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