Senin, 20 Oktober 2014

Triple Jug Indoor/Outdoor Tabletop Fountain

Triple Jug Indoor/Outdoor Tabletop Fountain

Product Description

This indoor/outdoor tabletop fountain features three charming, chocolate speckle finish jugs in a round bowl on a bed of polished river rocks. Water flows from the tallest jug into the vessel at the bottom, powered by a recirculating pump. Makes a great tabletop accent, indoors or outdoors. Indoor/outdoor tabletop fountain. Polyresin construction. Chocolate speckle glaze. Recirculating pump. 9 3/4" wide. 9 3/4" deep. 8 1/4" high.




A feng shui expert recommended that I purchase a fountain for my bedroom. She recommended a ceramic fountain with no lights as lights bring the fire element into the room. After reviewing several options, I decided to purchase this one. The fountain arrived in perfect condition, was easy to put together and motor is almost silent. The sound of flowing water is very calming and exactly what I need for my room. Please note that the ceramic fountain has a bit of a purplish tinge to it which isn't evident in the photograph. It's still a wonderful piece and I am very happy with my purchase.

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